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Anti-Bullying Fundraiser Aug. 24
Bulloch County Animal Shelter Reopening After Parvo Outbreak
Crime In Statesboro / Bulloch Drops In 2014
The Bulloch County Animal Shelter is reopening their compound after a long closure because of a Parvo virus outbreak.
The shelter manager, Wendy Ivey stated that, " the incoming dogs showed no intial signs of the disease that were brought in". This outbreak resulted in the closure of the shelter and isolation needed for futher testing. Wendy Ivey stated, " Only one dog had parvo and that puppy did not get sick until a little while later".

Local vets stated that they cannot verify each individual canine that comes into the shelter that does or does not carry this virus. Shelter manager stated, " There have been different steps taken to manage these outbreaks". There is no way to determine whether each stray or abonded dog that they bring in has any signs of the virus unless they show symptoms.

The shelter closed down the adoption floors and euthanized affected animals - a total of 26 dogs, Ivey said. The shelter is closed for the rest of the week but open to recieve animals, said Bulloch County Public Safty Director Ted Wynn.
Georgia Southern University along with the city of Statesboro and U.S. Representative John Barrow, will announce a $1.1 million grant from the Economic Development Administration Thursday.

The federal grant will be used to expand the city campus. Everyone is invited to attend Thursday's big announcement about the EDA grant at 3:30 p.m. at the University's City Campus on East Main Street in Statesboro.
Grant Recieved to Expand GSU
The total crime in 2014 dropped 11 percent from 2013.

That’s the biggest drop in crime since 2009. Officers say changes made last year might be the reason why.

More officers were hired. All officers went through more training.

And they teamed up with different agencies, including the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Southern, to get more law enforcement members on the streets.

“We have more officers that can respond to calls of service and the ones that are not responding to calls of service then they can be proactive and be on foot, be on burglary patrol, look for suspicious people,” said Cpl. Samples.

Despite the drop in total crime, it’s not all going down. Violent crime, including homicide and aggravated assaults are up from the previous year.

As a whole, violent crime is up 7-percent. Now violent crime is a priority in 2015.

Corporal Samples says more officers are on the way and they plan to continue community policing.

And despite a drop in 2014, Samples said they need to continue to press to keep crime down.

“We’re not going to let it make us lax,” said Cpl. Samples. “We want to continue this trend.”